Professional Makeup Lights. Non Comedogenic Make Up

Professional Makeup Lights

professional makeup lights

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professional makeup lights - ZINK COLOR

ZINK COLOR bare Mineral Eye Shadow Pigment LIGHT TAUPE Professional MAC style Makeup

ZINK COLOR bare Mineral Eye Shadow Pigment LIGHT TAUPE Professional MAC style Makeup

Zink Color Minerals apply and blend effortlessly that gives you rich and radiant eye color with no preservatives and zero irritants. These alluring eye colors are free of talc, oil, fragrances, dyes and chemicals. This 100% pure Zink Color Minerals can be use wet or dry or even mixed together with other color to customize your desire shade. Start bringing a touch of charm to your make up collections with these vibrant, pigment rich minerals that refined your look during the day and staged that gripping look you needed at night.

85% (12)

Day 63 - Let there be light

Day 63 - Let there be light

Light me a light to assist my sight,
Just my naked eye darkness cannot fight,
So before darkness gets a chance to bite,
Light me a light any kind of light.

Flickering, glaring or outright bright,
I don’t care what kind just light me a light,
All I need is darkness away tonight,
So light me a light any kind of light.

Barak Al'Mondia

I had to catch up today hence why these photos are taken only minutes apart, I know bad bad me =P

0023 - Poets of Light - Model Photoshoot - NJL - 20110402

0023 - Poets of Light - Model Photoshoot - NJL - 20110402

Model: Leidi Dartania
Makeup Artist: Amber Buckbee
Hair Stylist: Amber Buckbee

Poets of Light first photo shoot with professional models. Everyone had a great time.

Strobist Info:
White Lighting X1600 with 32-by-40-inch softbox camera right.
Two White Lighting X1600s with 7-inch reflectors camera left and right lighting the white backdrop.

professional makeup lights

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